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Scalextric C4175 Slot Car 1:32
  • Coche de ranura Scalextric 1:32
  • Scalextric - Coche de ranura del Batimóvil de los años 60
  • Este coche viene completo con una figura detallada de Batman en el asiento del conductor.
  • Detalles: sí
  • Listo para conectar digital: sí

✅ Selected offers from Amazon

A selection of Spanish and English slots and Scalextric equipment at a very good price ✌, even with FREE shipping in some cases. Limited units, be the first to get them before they run out!

✓ To begin with we highlight this bridge which is a piece of Scalextric from England, difficult to find at such a cheap price (limited units!):

Figures and accessories for your slot collection

Is your Scalextric circuit bland? Decorate it with these figures and accessories that will give it more realism. Mechanics, public, cameras, journalists… Various sizes, both for Scalextric 1:32 and Scalextric Compact 1:43.

Slot cars of the best brands (Scalextric, SCX UK, Ninco, Carrera,…)

Increase your Scalextric car collection, benefit from these offers for a shor period of time and for limited units. Discontinued cars difficult to find in shops. For Scalextric Original, Scalextric Compact, Scalextric Digital System and Scalextric WOS. Compatible with circuits of all brands of slot cars, DTM, WTCC, trucks, rally and Scalextric 4×4

Spare parts for your slot cars

Ideal for restoring your old Scalextric cars or preparing your workshop for when a repair is needed. Good offers on motors, braids, cables, old discontinued parts and much more to make your slot cars look like new. All Scalextric news are here

Highlighted products

Welcome to the website where you will find the best offers and recommendations for slot material from the main brands. A great selection of cars, slots, tracks, circuits, accessories, figures, decoration and much more. With the best opportunities and bargains you can find at Amazon.

Do not waste your time looking for offers from Scalextric on Amazon. Here you can have the great opportunities of each month. We make it easy for you to find a good offer and we show you in a summary the best opportunities to acquire new slot material brand new.

The love for slot cars

🏎 Slot circuit decoration

Boxes, control towers, buildings, bridges, fences, public Give more realism to your circuit of Scalextric, Ninco, Superslot or Carrera with these original elements Scalextric cheap in various scales, at an unbeatable price, and some with free shipping!

🏎 Circuit and slot tracks

Start your slot collection from scratch with these circuits on offer from various brands (Scalextric, SCX UK, Ninco, etc) or expand yours with the most popular extensions, give your Scalextric a thrill with lane changes, sliding curves, off-road sections, Scalextric 4×4 and much more. All at a great price. Take advantage of it! Limited units!

🏎 Slot hobby and modeling

Slot is the hobby of racing cars at a scale of 1:32 and 1:43 on highways or miniature roads, either at home or in slot clubs where fans gather to test their cars. From this brief description we can say that behind the Slot there is a whole world of modeling and collecting that reaches every corner of the planet.

RebajasBestseller No. 1
Carrera Pista de Slot, Multicolor, 93x45 cm
Carrera Pista de Slot, Multicolor, 93x45 cm
Especialmente diseñado para niños.; Muy fácil para montar y jugar.; Coches incluidos: Lightning McQueen + Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
34,99 EUR −2,00 EUR
RebajasBestseller No. 2
Carrera First - Trencillas para Coches 20065508
Carrera First - Trencillas para Coches 20065508
Recambio original; Compatible con los coches de Carrera First; Fácil montaje
6,58 EUR −0,39 EUR
Bestseller No. 4
RebajasBestseller No. 5
Disney-Pixar Cars - Lightning Mcqueen (20065010)
Disney-Pixar Cars - Lightning Mcqueen (20065010)
Compatible con todas las pistas de Carrera FIRST; Producto oficial de Disney Pixar Cars; Edad recomendada: a partir de 3 años
15,99 EUR −3,04 EUR
RebajasBestseller No. 6
Carrera- Disney: Pixar Cars-Neon Nights The Movie Juego con Coches, Multicolor (20062477)
Carrera- Disney: Pixar Cars-Neon Nights The Movie Juego con Coches, Multicolor (20062477)
Circuito de coches de Disney Pixar Cars Neon Nights; Para niños y niñas a partir de 6 años
89,58 EUR −14,59 EUR
Bestseller No. 8
Disney-Pixar Cars - Dinoco Cruz (20065011)
Disney-Pixar Cars - Dinoco Cruz (20065011)
Figura Dinoco Cruz; Fácil de usar; Un producto de calidad; Reproducción de un coche de la película Cars
Bestseller No. 9
Super Slot 500008202 - 45 grado de la curva R1 - Rennbahnhzubehör 2X [Importado de Alemania]
Super Slot 500008202 - 45 grado de la curva R1 - Rennbahnhzubehör 2X [Importado de Alemania]
Escala 1:32; Extender, personalizar y hacer crecer su configuración actual; Compatible digital: sí

The game, as we know it now, began to be played in the mid-twentieth century in homes. Usually the youngest of the house played it. But in the advertising and on the old Scalextric posters, adults were also shown enjoying themselves.

But the first slot games were put on sale a few years earlier, in 1912, when a game of electric cars guided by rails appeared for the first time, which were the ones that gave them the energy to move.

The Scalextric brand was created in Englasnd in 1957, managing in a very short time to create a large number of fans and obtain world fame that still lasts.

There are millions of Scalextric fans in the world. From those who still keep their first circuit or track since they were small to those who have never stopped buying new slot cars and different circuits.

Hobby and collecting

Scale car games not only became a fun hobby, to spend the free time, they became collectibles and created an important active community behind this game, that started as a hobby for children.

As with other hobbies, until you know a bit about the world behind it, you don’t discover how interesting and fun it is to be a member of such an active and sometimes professional community of people.

Slot or Scalextric?

Many users use both words to refer to the same hobby, but those who are not very initiated in the matter often use Scalextric as a generic for the slot, not knowing that one of the words is a trademark with a long history and the other is the generic name that receives this type of game.

It is true that the Scalextric brand has dominated the market, but lately brands have appeared with the same or even higher product quality, so it is convenient to distinguish between Scalextric and slot to name the world of this hobby.

Fun competing in slot

These that we share here are some standardized indications on the competition in the world of the slot, but it is necessary to consider that each club or competition can adapt the rules and requirements of participation according to the championship that they are organizing at every moment.

What is certain is that fun is guaranteed no matter what the competition.

Leading brands


The best known and most famous in the world. With a great variety of cars, circuits and accessories.


A brand with great distribution that every year brings out new models of cars and circuits of great realism. Also special editions such as “James Bond 007” or “Cars”, the Disney film


Company with global distribution that manufactures and markets 1:32 scale reproductions of slot cars and trucks. Its cars are of great quality and detail in the reproduction


It is the brand that markets the English Scalextric in Spain, using a different name because you can not use Scalextric for licensing purposes. Their cars are affordable and their models have good finishing details


Spanish company that used to manufacture its own models, known for their quality and good finish of their parts. Although they are no longer marketed as before, you can still find their cars and circuits in some shops. Also in their online shop where there are cars, circuits and spare parts.

Why shop these brands on Amazon?

On this platform you can find cars and parts at cheap prices, very often on sale, so you can benefit from those good prices to increase your collection or get decorative pieces for your Scalextric.

Amazon also has an almost perfect delivery system. They guarantee delivery to your home. If they miss their promised delivery date, your shipping fees may be refunded. Amazon gives you your money back. Furthermore, if the product does not arrive correctly or is not what you ordered, you have a guarantee of refund.

Amazon also offers same-day delivery with no additional costs for prime members.

Amazon may not have all the products on the market, but it offers a good representation of everything you might need to create your own slot circuits, with the greatest possible realism. This is possible thanks to the collector’s pieces related to the slot hobby and the world of Scalextric that Amazon offers.

You can also find second hand cars, circuits of the brand Scalextric, and parts at a very good price with the Amazon delivery guarantee.

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