Scalextric Track Designer Software

Did you know that there are software programs to make Scalextric circuits? Of course virtually, with the idea of testing ideas effortlessly and then turning them into reality.

In the following video you will see an example of how easy and simple it is to create a slot circuit with a computer software before getting down to work. In this case it is a track that can measure up to 25 meters and is built in a very small space of 1.80 x 1.20. Here we explain you how to achieve it:

Since the beginning of the slot car fans, we have all wanted to make big circuits to be able to put our cars at full speed.

Once we have tested them and squeezed the maximum revolutions out of the engines of our scale cars, what we usually do is apply that distance to a route with more curves, changes of pace, different levels, etc.

The problem is that you may be surprised to find that the last two clues you are going to put up don’t fit and you have to start modifying and inventing something new, and of course, either you lack space or you lack the clues you need.

Before starting with Scalextric circuit design software we invite you to read other articles we have written about car and track maintenance:

👉 The most popular: Slot Track Designer y Tracker 2000

For this there are slot circuit design software, of which there are several types that can help us.

The most popular are ST Designer and Tracker 2000 which allow us to configure slot circuits, not only of the Scalextric brand, but also of others such as Ninco or Carrera.

🤷 How does a slot circuit design program work?

The operation of this type of computer applications for creating circuits is usually very simple, anyone with more desire than knowledge of the slot can make circuits of the most fun and exciting.

Let’s see below a step by step of what we have to do to create a race track to our liking with this type of software focused on the world of slot.

🖱️ Setting up the space

The first thing is to set up the space in the application so that it creates a canvas to work on. Ideally, the space available should be measured with a meter to avoid surprises when everything is done.

🖱️ Add race tracks

Once the space has been defined, the next step is to start putting up clues to give shape to the idea of the layout we had in mind, so that we can see if it is possible as we had thought or if it is necessary to make some modifications.

🖱️ Adding fun to it

The third step, when we see that the circuit is viable, is to add more fun to it. By this we mean putting a bit of fun into it with some lane change or crossing, some chicane, sliding curves, or whatever we can think of.

🖱️ Matching lane routes

The last step is to check in the software what the distance covered in each lane is, so that we have an equal circuit for both runners without one having an advantage over the other.

If the imbalance is very large, using the computer application we have chosen we can make small modifications to make the race as competitive as possible.

🖱️ And the most important step: ENJOYING THE RACE

Of course this is the premise of this hobby, to enjoy it, both in the assembly of the racing circuits with computer programs and in the subsequent game on the designed track.

🔗 Download links for slot tracks creation programs

If you need a tour creation program for your computer we provide several download links below, if you know others you can share them below in the comments.

Some are free, some are trial versions and some are paid. It’s a matter of trying out the different software and seeing which ones are more suited to your needs, which ones work better on each computer, etc.

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