Scalextric rail cleaning

When we rescue our old Scalextric track from oblivion, we usually find some problems, if we were not careful enough to have it kept in the best conditions.

Humidity is one of the worst enemies of the Scalextric tracks, especially the metal of the rails, because if they are not stored properly, they tend to rust.

If this has happened to you, we will offer you several solutions so that your tracks will look almost like the first day. Rust will not be a problem anymore.

Solutions to remove rust from Scalextric tracks

The first solution has already been mentioned in a previous article. Carry out a complete restoration of the tracks and then cover the rails with copper tape so that they do not rust again.

If the rails are the only things damaged (and not at an alarming level), we recommend the following 3-step-procedure:

Application of “Peco” Rubber

The first step is to purchase a “Peco Rail Cleaner” rubber, which is used directly on the rail like an eraser.

It is similar to the well-known Goma Roco but as it is narrower and easier to apply by hand.

Cleaning of rust residues

The next step is to clean any rust and Peco rubber that may have been left on the track, first by shaking the track a little and secondly with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

Passing fine sandpaper

Finally, we will apply several passes with fine sandpaper and clean the remains again. The result will be quite good and it does not require too much effort to achieve it.

Here you can watch a video of the Slot, Pixels & Bugs Youtube channel in which the entire process is shown, successfully removing several rusty areas of a Scalextric track.

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