Scalextric cars for beginners

People who start in the slot hobby through the SCX brand usually start with the cars that come on the circuit, usually a couple, but sometimes there are offers and there are some packs that come more.

Little by little, their collections tend to increase but it happens to many that, after the large outlay made on a new slot car, they see with sorrow how the fragile parts of the vehicle break after the first track exits.

This does two things. First that the car does not look like it did in the beginning. And second, that the car is greatly devalued and loses a large part of the value it had when we bought it.

For these situations, the SCX brand has released in England, with easy acquisition in Spain through these links, a collection of more resistant SCX cars, with less details and with a more than competitive price.

It is the Scalextric Start line, made up of several slot car models that come to be decorated by the fans who buy them.

They are cheap Scalextric cars and therefore the quality and design is according to the price, we cannot ask for more, but fun is guaranteed as they are harder and have fewer details that can be broken.

They are slot cars that were designed with fans looking for the perfect Scalextric car for children in mind, without these cars involving a large outlay for parents and being very durable.

Of course, they are not only acquired for the little ones, there are also adult slot fans who like to have in their collection several 鈥渂attle鈥 cars with which to enjoy the hobby without fear of breakage or financial loss.

Within this category of Scalextric cars there are two well differentiated bodywork models. Some represent rally cars and others represent Le Mans prototypes, which is known as LMP (Le Mans Prototype). Let鈥檚 see them in detail.

Cheap Scalextric rally cars

In the world of cheap slot car rally that we are talking about in this article, there are several models that come in a simple blister pack. They are called Scalextric Start Rally Car.

The car comes without stickers, so the fan who wants to buy it has the extra game of putting the stickers on it and decorating it.

Today the rally model that exists is a fictional model, with an invented design that is highly reminiscent of various rally models. They are available in various colors such as white or blue.

Cheap Le Mans Scalextric cars

Within this line of Le Mans prototypes, called Scalextric Start Endurance Car, we find a couple of models of which there are still stocks at a good price of one of them.

It is known as the Lightning Car, yellow in color and also presented in a plastic blister on an explanatory cardboard.

It comes without stickers, to be able to put them on as part of the process taking as a reference the decoration suggested in the image of the packaging.

Cheap Scalextric cars

If you are looking to buy Scalextric cars to start at cheap prices, these Scalextric Start models are perfect for you.

They are cheap, very resistant to shocks, with basic mechanics and prepared to be the subject of many hours of play.

Also, if you like Scalextric cars from England, these are good examples to start your collection without having to make a large investment.

Do you dare to try them? You can buy them here.

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