Placing copper tape on Scalextric tracks

When we have current conductivity problems through our slot circuit, one of the most effective ways to solve it is with the placement of copper tape.

In this article we are going to show you a step-by-step tutorial to place the copper tape in your circuit, whether it is a Scalextric brand or another brand, so that you can enjoy the game without interruptions.

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How Copper Tape Works

The copper tape that is best for the Slot tracks is the adhesive with copper on both sides, since it takes electricity on one side and transmits it to the car on the other.

There are some that are not adhesive but they need to be fixed to the rail and that can damage the tracks or leave residues.

The tape makes the current reach all points of the circuit equally, so that there are no cuts due to the joining of tracks.

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Tutorial for placing copper tape

We are going to tell you the step by step to be able to successfully install the copper tape on your tracks:

1. Buy the copper tape

The first step is to buy the copper tape and when you look for it you will see that there are many different sizes. We recommend the 5mm wide one, as it covers the upper surface of the metal rail and part of the inside.

The most common is the 30 meter long one but we recommend a 50 meter long one so that it will spread more and be cheaper.

Here we put the recommended ones:

2. Cleaning tracks

Before laying there is a very important step to take. It’s about giving the slopes a good clean.

In this way, we make the adhesive of the copper tape stick correctly to the metal rails and we also eliminate any remaining dirt that may interfere with the transmission of electricity.

A method that we recommend is using a cloth soaked in alcohol, so that we remove all the grease and dirt.

In this video you can see a tutorial on how to carry out the cleaning procedure for the rails:

3. Place the copper tape

The most anticipated step, that of the placement of the copper tape. We are going to distinguish two types of placement: On straight lines and on curves.

Placing adhesive copper tape in straight lines

Putting copper tape on the standard Scalextric straights or also on half straights, 87mm straights or closing straights is the easiest thing to do.

It is only a matter of taking them from one end to the other and fixing them. On the one hand we cover the projection and on the other, in the gap, we tuck the excess so that the projection of the next one makes good contact.

With the excess from the upper part, what we will do is put it into the lane carefully, adhering it to it.

Placement of adhesive copper tape in curves

It is the most complicated part of the process, since it takes skill not to bend the tape excessively or cause breaks.

In standard Scalextric curves it is not very difficult, and in open curves it is much easier.

The difficulty is in the interior or tight curves, there you do have to be more careful not to bend it wrong and that it may break or take off in the future.

Copper tape placement tutorial video

In this video tutorial we are going to see how to place the copper tape both in standard lines and in interior curves, both from the Scalextric brand.

We hope that you find the step by step that we present to you useful:

Offers in adhesive copper tape for slot tracks

Finally, we share a selection of the best offers that we have found on adhesive copper tape, perfect to improve your circuit:

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