⏳ Scalextric Cyber Monday offers

Cyber Monday has arrived, this Monday’s special after Black Friday with sales all week long!

We show a selection of the best deals on the latest developments Scalextric and other brands of slot as WRC, Carrera or Ninco for this day and week so marked by their good prices.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the previous week of Black Friday, you have this other opportunity to buy what you like more cheaply: original SCX, the new Advance, cars, accessories and much more.

Hurry up, these offers only last a few days and will not be extended.

👌 Cyber Monday Beginners Offers

Apart from the items that are on sale that you can every day, you can find this on Amazon for the players of the first levels, for sure they are very suitable purchases for the Scalextric beginners.

👌 Ciber Monday offers for beginners

You’ve been playing and enjoying your slot cars for a long time, for you the Scalextric begins to have many mysteries, and you begin to want a first collection of cars and accessories can take advantage of discounts and cheap prices of circuits and accessories. You have the following options, sure you’ll like:

🏎 Slot accessories “Cyber Monday Special

This week of Cyber Monday is also the ideal time to buy the car accessories you’ve been looking for to decorate them, make them really cool and give them a nice tune-up. It’s a special date, don’t think about it! These offers don’t last long.

You’ve always wanted to have a more complete and fun car, so what better time than to buy when they get super deals.

👉 Offers in circuit decoration for this moment

Also take advantage of this time of year to do your shopping, because if you have a sad circuit with hardly any decorative elements, take advantage of the offers to make them cooler, so that the people who come to your house are surprised by how well you have it set up, as if it were a real professional circuit.

Don’t think about it, it’s time to decorate your court like you’ve been thinking about.

🏎 Cars on offer by Cyber Monday

In our highlights we could not be less and have looked for Scalextric cars that are now cheap and you can complete with your collection. We all think that the cars we have are not enough, we want to continue expanding our collection, is that they are very good to see them running on our tracks, and therefore we want to take advantage of any good discount or offer to continue expanding our collection.

We always have room on our shelves for one more car, and if not, we’ll make room for it!

⚡ Offers by brands

Everyone has their favourite brands, we all know that as lovers of the slot world, that’s why we have taken the trouble to find good prices for each brand, so you can go straight to them and see if you are convinced by the cheap price they have on Amazon.


The best known and most prestigious slot brand, is the one with which almost everyone grew up, with which they first entered into this hobby, which we have never abandoned. It is still the market leader and therefore the first one we put on our list.

Ninco World Rally Car (WRC)

The revelation brand in the world of the slot, with great circuits with a multitude of possibilities. Up to 4 different routes can be mounted with only one circuit. Meters and meters of fun with these tracks of high quality and easy assembly, perfect for those who start in the world of slot and want something more than a basic circuit.

Ninco - WRC Rally Sweden. Circuito de Slot con Dos Coches incluidos. Ref. 91013, a partir De 4 años
  • Circuito wrc rally of sweden a escala 1:43
  • Pon a prueba tu experiencia como piloto y compite con dos coches oficiales del wrc con luces led: ford fiesta wrc y toyota yaris
  • Disfruta de una mejor experiencia con los mandos inalámbricos y un espectacular trazado con 2 súper loopings individuales, un puente y 6 metros de trazado
  • Combina las pistas y podrás crear 4 trazados diferentes, cada uno más emocionante; dimensiones aproximadas: 193 x 118 cm
  • Recomendable a partir de 4 años


The world leader in slot cars and circuits, with a spectacular variety of models. All types of cars: rally, formula 1, GT, etc. Also, with cars personalized with the cartoon characters that children like the most: Disney, Super Mario, and many more.


One of the main brands in the world of slot cars in Spain, with highly sought-after models and also a specialist in radio control. The Ninco brand circuits are, according to many users, among the most entertaining that exist, since the cars have great stability and the time of enjoyment is even greater.

⚡ Offers by scale

Also now, without having a division by brand, we are going to include the offers by scale, that there are also collectors who look for the models according to their size.

Selection of offers in 1:43 scale

Selection of offers in 1:32 scale

Initiation from 3 years

No products found.

⚡ Offers of material for conservation of circuits

Every good lover also has at home a work kit to maintain, fix or improve their circuits, as important are the cars as the tracks where they pick up speed, those curves must be very well taken care of so that the cars get a good grip. So here we show you some of the things you should have if or if in your track repair and maintenance kit.

🤔 Don’t know what Cyber Monday is?

In the heat of the offers and prices of Black Friday, and thanks to the arrival of the online shops, a company called shop.org began to make some sales only in its online shop. This happened on 28 November 2005. This was the first time this term was used to refer to a special sales day after Thanksgiving, which is always held on the fourth Thursday in November.

That year the sales were announced with this headline: «Cyber Monday quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year».

From then on, that day runs like wildfire through other online businesses, which adopt it to keep increasing their sales, so cyber Monday already becomes an official sales date for internet shops.

And of course, this call to consumers to keep buying at cheap and bargain prices is already another date marked on the calendar, needless to say, but the moment the words bargains are combined and only on this day, people go crazy and start emptying their credit card to take advantage of the bargains and bargains.

Of course, the big online shops have expanded this cyber Monday offers to the whole week, were not going to be less, thus extending the period of special purchases at discounts of up to 70%. So do not think too much, if you find something you’ve been looking for a long time and this date has a discount buy it, you may never see it so cheap.

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