⏳ Scalextric Black Friday

You’ve been waiting for it! We have prepared a selection of the best offers from Scalextric for you to have yours at the best price during the Black Friday 2021.

You don’t have much time to think about it, these offers run out in a few days!

Be the first to get this Black Friday Scalextric circuits that triumph in 2021, with the novelty of the circuit Scalextric Rally Cross with two cars Audi S1 WRX. Spectacular!

Also take advantage of Black Friday to get the new Scalextric cars of 2021 and incorporate them into your collection. This year there are new features in both Scalextric Advance and Scalextric Original.

We also recommend you take a look at the best-selling 2021 cars and Scalextric circuits as well as the entire catalogue of cars, circuits and accessories available in the Scalextric Advance line, which includes products from 2019 and 2020, many of them on offer.

👌 Black Friday offers for beginners

We have selected a series of circuits of several brands of slot that by its price, dimensions and playability are perfect to begin in the hobby of the Scalextric:

If you are looking for other types of products on offer and real bargains in terms of Scalextric and other brands of slot, we recommend visiting these articles we have written with cheap products we have selected for you:

👌 Ofertas Black Friday for initiates

You already have a level, you are not a novice. If you already master the world of Scalextric and want to take advantage of the great discounts of these dates to get a bigger and more complete circuit, we propose these options:

For the most experts who are fans of the brand since its inception we recommend reading these articles in which, in addition to presenting good offers, we have made a historical review of the brand Scalextric.

🏎 Slot accessories “Black Friday Special

Take advantage of the moment to perfect your cars, expand tracks, it’s the ideal time to buy those parts that are finally cheap, finally Black Friday!

You have always wanted to have a more complete and fun circuit, so what better time than to buy when they get super deals.

We bring you the best brands of slot with all its varieties: Scalextric Advance, Scalextric Compact, Carrera, Carrera First, Nico, World Rally Car, Superslot and many more.

👉 Offers in circuit decoration

Give more realism to the layout of your Scalextric with this selection of offers in decorative elements for slot.

More emotion and better still photos with the dioramas you can form: bridges (we highlight the Dunlop bridge of the English Scalextric), boxes for the cars, trees, control tower… It’s time!

🏎 Cars on sale for Black Friday

And of course the discounts on slot cars could not be missing. We have made a selection of cars in scale 1:43 and 1:32 so that you can complete your collection without making a large outlay.

⚡ Offers of material for conservation of circuits

Below we show you a selection of products perfect for the correct conservation of your tracks and cars:

⚡ Offers by brands in black friday

If you are looking for Black Friday opportunities from a particular slot brand, this is the selection we have prepared with the most important brands in the market.


The best known slot brand, which we grew up with since we were children and which is still the leader.


A recent brand specialized in circuits in 1:43 scale. Increasingly present on the sales shelves and with a great variety of circuits and cars. Highly recommended for beginners to the slot.


A world leading brand, with an amazing variety of circuits, cars, accessories, tracks, etc. In addition, it has licenses for its circuits such as Super Mario Bros or Mickey Mouse, among others.


Spanish slot brand that also has a wide range of remote controls and drones. In its line of slot we highlight these circuits.

Ninco Kit Wico
  • 2.4 GHz Tecnología inalámbrica
  • No más cables enredados controlador, moverse alrededor de su diseño libremente; Funciona tan lejos como 65 pies de distancia de la pista
  • El sistema se puede utilizar con cualquier sistema de pista NINCO analógica, así como otros coches fabricante
  • WICO le permitirá elegir su dirección de carreras, así como ajustar el nivel de habilidad de conducción, principiantes o expertos
  • Requiere 6 pilas AA

⚡ Offers by scale

To clearly see the slot scale you are interested in, we have made a brief selection of circuits and cars by scale, including several brands in each of them.

Selection of offers in 1:43 scale

Selection of offers in 1:32 scale

Initiation from 3 years

🤔 Don’t you know what Black Friday is?

It is a special day of discounted shopping coming from the United States. It all comes about because in that country they celebrate Thanksgiving Day, where all the family and friends have dinner together. It is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

On this holiday it is normal to offer each other gifts and details among the attendees.

The next day, Friday is the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season, and that day has been dubbed Black Friday. The big shops and all the shops start the season with an aggressive sale that only lasts that particular day.

These significant discounts, which are limited to that day, mean that consumers go to the shops early to buy everything.

It was a tradition only in some countries, but with the arrival of the internet everything has become global. Websites began to do the Black Friday, and since they could access clients from all over the planet, it forced other companies that were in countries, where this day of sales was not celebrated, to do the same.

This is how today this day of sales has extended to almost the whole world and moreover it already extends and not only lasts one day, in some places it lasts 3 days or a week.

The important thing about these discounts is that they are usually the same products they have in the shops but with very aggressive discount offers. If you have something you want to buy, it is the right time and you will save a few euros.

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