How to clean rust from Scalextric tracks

A very common mistake we have all made when storing our first Scalextric on top of a cabinet is not to prevent it from humidity. Later when we have gone to take it to play with it after a while we have found the rails rusty.

We cannot explain why they rust if no one has touched them and there is no moisture in the room where they have been. But there was, although we don’t perceive it, the metal of the tracks of Scalextric is sensitive to it.

✅ Prevent rust on Scalextric tracks

Prevention is very important so by following some basic advice we can avoid the appearance of the feared rust. First of all, we should avoid cold and damp storage places, which will help us a lot.

In addition, inside the Scalextric track box it is important to put bags of Silica Gel, like those that come in many other products such as shoes, bags, etc. These bags absorb moisture from the environment and prevent the oxygen in the air from attacking the metals and materials around them that are susceptible to rust.

Here we put you a good offer of silica gel bags so you can protect your cars and Scalextric tracks from humidity.

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Of course it is very important to take the cars out of the box, as they can pick up fungus as a result of continuous exposure to moisture.

✅ How to remove the rust from your Scalextric

As we have said, the tracks of Scalextric as they are metallic and in contact with the air, after a time come to rust and if there is also moisture in the place where we have stored this will happen even more quickly.

The manufacturers take this into account so that the slot tracks that come from the factory are prepared to withstand additional time by applying a protective layer on top of the rails. This layer will disappear with the use by the circulation of the cars on it and the passage of time by the continuous exposure to the air.

At this point the countdown begins for the classic appearance of the hated rust so common and feared on the tracks of Scalextric.

If this has happened to you, don’t be alarmed and throw the clues away, they still have a lot of life ahead of them and we’re going to tell you how to make the most of them. We’ll show you how to remove the rust from the tracks of Scalextric to make them look almost new.

To clean Scalextric tracks with rust we will raise two solutions that after much reading in slot forums, consult with experts and based on our own experience we understand that they have the approval of most slot fans who have faced the problem of rust on the tracks.

Video tutorial to remove rust from Scalextric tracks

✅ Manual cleaning option

It is the alternative that requires the most effort and is also the most commonly used. In this case, fine grain sandpaper is used to gently rub the rails until the rust disappears. If the amount of rust is abundant, we can rub harder or use a harder sandpaper, taking care not to damage the metal of the rail.

After the sanding process there will be a lot of rust residue removed on the track, so it is necessary and ideal to give it with cold air from a dryer to remove rust residue. If we do not have one we can also give it with a small brush taking care not to leave hairs that can later affect the cars.

It is then highly recommended to clean them well with a cloth soaked in alcohol to remove any dirt that may have stuck to the rail or track.

After that, it is recommended to apply a product that will protect them from the air that rust them again. For this we recommend WD40 or CRC Contact Cleaner Plus which are the most used and known for their effectiveness.

✅ Mechanical cleaning option

As for the more mechanical option, we have several alternatives. The best known is to remove the rust using a Dremel machine, a very popular option as it does not excessively damage the tracks if it is hit with a soft accessory.

There are many alternatives to the Dremel that also comply when it comes to recovering slot tracks, although among all the brands this is the one that stands out.

The most rustic and homemade option if we do not have a Dremel machine is to use the drill and put a polishing accessory on it that we can buy from Amazon taking advantage of the fact that they sell them in kit form with various sizes, hardnesses and thicknesses.

This option is more complicated to handle due to the weight of the drill and the higher number of revolutions. For this reason we must be extremely careful to avoid damaging the track and eating the grip, which could cause later alterations and jumps when the cars pass over it.

✅ Enjoy your restored slot tracks

We hope that with these two methods, manual and mechanical, to remove the rust from the tracks of Scalextric you can recover the circuits that may have been damaged by moisture.

But remember that the best thing is to prevent and if you find the rust and do not want to remove it you can always buy new tracks at a cheap price on the Internet, here we give you several options.

Sometimes the effort does not compensate much if we are in front of a good offer of Scalextric tracks, if so, do not let it go and buy them, it will be good for you to expand your circuit.

If you have any advice or opinion about this article it will be welcome, you can always help us with new or different methods that you use to leave your tracks clean and without any trace of rust.

Work kit for polishing with the drill:

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