How to change the braids on your Scalextric cars?

Do you have a house full of cars with braids or “brushes” to change? You’re too lazy to do it, but don’t let it get you down, follow our advice and you’ll have it sorted out in no time.

When we have been playing with our new Scalextric for some time, it can happen that the cars stop working or start pulling, as if they lack electricity.

After investigating that everything works well except the cars, you realize that the problem is the braids, known colloquially as brushes (although this is a part of the engine that has nothing to do with the braids).

Stay calm or quiet, it’s not that you’ve done anything wrong, it’s the happy “brushes”, those you can’t see with the naked eye because they’re under the car.

Quitar las trencillas viejas

🤔 How we change the braids

Until now you had not thought about how to change the braids, so you get to work and… surprise! you don’t know where to start, since you’ve never done this slot car maintenance task.

Even if they tell you it’s easy and simple, it’s not that easy, especially if you want to do it well and not have to be retouching every moment. But if you follow the next steps you’ll become an expert and change them almost with your eyes closed.

A badly put “brushes” ruin your fun and above all that your cars when you play with your children are very competitive.

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🎁 Buy car braids from Scalextric

The first step would be to buy some new braids. But we will find that we will not know which ones are the most suitable for our needs.

As we will see there are many types of braids and different options for their hardness that will vary depending on the use we are going to give them.

Ninco Acce Trencilla Toma Corriente
  • This item is NOT a toy and is intended for modelling use

Next we are going to see which are the main differences between the different types of braids that we can find in the market:

⚙ Types of braids for slot cars

The braids for Scalextric cars are usually made of copper, which we all know to be the golden braids. There are also tinned copper ones, which are the silver braids. Let’s see the types of braids for slot cars according to their hardness:

✓ Soft braids

They are very flexible and malleable. However, they have the advantage that they are easier to handle but the disadvantage that they stop making contact at the slightest deformation.

Ninco 80115 Standard Braids 50cm by Ninco
  • This item is NOT a toy and is intended for modelling use

They are ideal for Formula 1 slot cars, as the cars are closer to the track and are usually used on circuits with long straights and sections with few tight corners, being able to reach higher speeds and subjecting the braids to less torsion.

✓ Hard braids

These types of braids are less malleable than soft ones but on the contrary they are more rigid. They are perfect to be placed in rally cars that due to the layout of the tracks and the great number of curves have more abrupt movements and are not so close to the track.

✓ Standard braids

They are the middle ground in terms of braids between soft and hard, ideal for any domestic slot car. If you are just starting out, these are undoubtedly the best to learn how to change them and enjoy them as much as possible without having to pay attention to them again.

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👉 Step by step to replace braids

Next we are going to tell you step by step how to replace the old braids of your Scalextric cars by new ones once you have chosen the type of braids that best suits your needs.

If you want to see how the process of changing the braid is in a more dynamic and didactic way, we also recommend you watch this video in which the step-by-step process is done with some useful tips that make the task easier:

⚙ Remove the old braids

To put on new ones, the first thing to do is to remove the old braids. Sometimes when we remove them we realize that they still have a little more use but they were badly placed so if we want to hurry them more we can give them a bath of alcohol and clean them so that they look good.

To remove them you have to do it slowly and be careful not to break the guide, especially with the guides that are double-pass braids of the time Tecnitoys, which today are the Scalextric cars that abound in the second-hand market.

Cómo quitar las trencillas viejas

⚙ Braid cutting

The normal thing if we have to make many changes of braids is that we have bought a roll of one meter, so we will have to cut them to the measure we want. You can also buy them loose, which is better if you only want to do the repair of a couple of cars.

In the opinion of the offerslotcarslot team it is ideal that each braid is about 2.5cm long, so that there is good contact with the track, although they can also be made shorter and there are no problems.

Tamaño de trencillas Scalextric

⚙ Placement of the braids

This step will depend on the type of guide. If the guide is an Exin, one end is inserted and will be caught by the pin of the cable that provides electricity to the motor.

If the Tecnitoys have a double pitch, they should be placed in an inverted U-shape with the ends facing the track. Then we flatten them towards the back and we have it.

Colocación de trencillas nuevas en coches

👉 Tricks to improve the conductivity of Scalextric braids

Once you have put them in, we recommend that you do two things so that the electricity reaches the engine well and the cars work better.

Ensanche de trencillas

This simple trick to get the most out of the braids once they are in place is to push them in from the end, so that the braid widens to the side and increases the contact surface width. This makes it better cover the rail, which is what gives it electricity.

Ensanche de trencillas de coches de slot

⚙ Disassembly of the ends of the braids

At the ends, with a screwdriver or scissors tip we will slightly fray the end of the braid so that the wires can better “sweep” the rail and take the electricity in an alternative way to the rest of the body of the braid.

Deshilando trencillas de coches de slot

👉 Last step: test the cars

Once this is done, we recommend you try out the cars and see if you need to flatten or lift the braids a little.

Every car has a different chassis shape and weight and this last step can be very important for everything to work properly.

We hope that all these tips will be very useful and that you can continue using your Scalextric cars without the braids being a brake.

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