Decoration for slot circuits

The dream of every good slot car enthusiast is undoubtedly to have a great track with many metres of track in which to have all the types of sections that exist: sharp bends, crossings, chicanes, cambered bends, over jumps, bridges, etc.

But it is not only about many meters of racing, but also about giving that circuit the personal touch of the one who has built it.

🤔 How to liven up a slot circuit

There are several types of accessories on the market that are the most common to complete a slot circuit a little more. We will see several of them.

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👉 Tire Carrier

If you want to liven up your workshops and boxes, these tyre holders from brands such as Goodyear, Dunlop, Yokohama or Pirelli, among others, will give them the realistic touch you need.

👉 Decorative stickers with numbers

You can use these stickers to decorate your cars or circuits. They come in handy and are an ideal size.

50 Hojas de Pegatinas de Número 1 a 100 Pegatinas Adhesivas Redondas Etiquetas Adhesivas de Organización de Almacenamiento de Inventario
  • Obtendrá: 50 hojas de adhesivos con número de adhesivo, cada hoja tiene 100 pedazos de adhesivos redondos pequeños impresos con un número total de 5000 adhesivos redondos
  • Información del tamaño: cada hoja tiene un tamaño de 12,5 x 12 cm / 4,9 x 4,7 pulgadas (LW), la etiqueta redonda tiene un diámetro de 0,3 pulgadas / 10 mm
  • Claramente visible: es fácil identificar el papel blanco con un diseño en negrita con números negros, ahorrará a las personas mucho tiempo para encontrar el elemento objetivo en el desorden
  • Fácil de usar: usted puede quitar fácilmente las etiquetas adhesivas de 1 a 100 números y permanecer en una superficie plana sin necesidad de ningún otro procedimiento
  • Varias aplicaciones: colóquelas en la caja, el archivo de papel, la computadora y en algún lugar para organizar los elementos, son útiles para la administración del almacenamiento, la organización del hogar y la oficina

👉 Track edges

They are the most common elements in the circuits of those who are initiated in this hobby of the scale motor as well as of the most expert ones. As well as giving the route a more realistic character, it also allows the cars to be supported on certain sections so that they do not go off track.

Sourcingmap - Barra de ranura para tarjeta de circuito PCB horizontal, 112 mm, 20 unidades
  • Nombre del producto: Guía de tarjeta PCB; Clase de llama: 94 V-2; Tamaño de la varilla de montaje: 4,2 x 4 mm (profundidad x largo).
  • Distancia del orificio de montaje: 100 mm (de centro a centro); ancho de la ranura: 2,3 mm.
  • Profundidad de la ranura: 2,5 mm. Tamaño total: 112 x 10 x 6,7 mm.
  • Materiales: plástico ABS. Color: blanco.
  • Peso neto: 77 g; Contenido del paquete: 20 guías de tarjeta PCB.

👉 Fences

It is a very recurrent and practical element to keep the cars on the track, as in many cases they avoid being thrown out by centrifugal force.

The fences or guardrails have a great variety that can be found in the market: one band, two bands, double band, one colour, two colours, with advertising, etc.

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👉 Bridges

There are also many types of bridges on the market, both track lifts so that one passes over another and static bridges that only have a decorative purpose.

Scalextric C8332 - Accesorios: Puente Dunlop [versión en inglés]
  • Escala 1:32 pista de coches de slot y accesorios
  • Accesorios
  • Compatible digital: sí
  • Compatible analógica: sí
  • Extender, personalizar y hacer crecer su configuración actual

👉 Super Sliding Curves

Of course you can’t miss the super-slick curves, which have almost no grip and make the cars able to skid a bit and take cross curves, just like in real cars.

Scalextric Pack-Stunt Loop Paquete de extensión Micro Track-Bucle de Acrobacias, Color Negro, 112 cm (Hornby Hobbies G8046)
  • MICRO SCALEXTRIC: La gama Micro Scalextric es óptima para los corredores más jóvenes; el Micro Scalextric a escala 1:64 ofrece toda la emoción de las carreras de coches de slot de juguete a tamaño real en un tamaño compacto, lo que lo convierte en la idea de regalo óptima para niñas y niños pequeños
  • AMPLÍA TU PISTA: Con el pack de extensión Stunt Loop podrás ampliar tu trazado hasta 112 cm
  • QUÉ INCLUYE: 8 x piezas loop, 1 x recta de 150 mm, 1 x recta de 75 mm, 1 x soporte de loop
  • TEN EN CUENTA: Este accesorio Micro Scalextric solo es compatible con los sets Micro Scalextric y My First Scalextric desde 2019

🏡 Circuit buildings

Next we are going to see several buildings that cannot be missing in a good model of a slot circuit. We are talking about control towers, boxes, stands, etc.

👉 Control Tower

They are usually placed on the finish line or the start line so that the judges do not miss any details of the race. There are usually several models, from those at track level to others with a more complex design.

👉 Checkered flag tower

A good place to put the lord of the flag slightly raised on the track, on the side opposite the control tower for example.

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👉 Boxes Area

You can’t miss the pit area where you can exhibit the different cars, mechanics and other personnel before the race.

Carrera - Pit Lane de Michelin, escala 1:32, color Blanco (20021104)
  • Escala 1:32
  • Fácil montaje
  • Para decorar cualquier circuito
  • Material de calidad

👉 Public bleachers

As in the real circuits, the public must be located in a grandstand area. The possibilities are numerous, with or without a roof, and of different heights.

Carrera- Pistas, Talla única (20021101)
  • Escala 1:32
  • Fácil montaje
  • Para decorar cualquier circuito
  • Material de calidad
Carrera - Tribuna (20021100)
  • Escala 1:32
  • Fácil montaje
  • Para decorar cualquier circuito
  • Material de calidad

👉 Press zone

This can be a specific area enclosed for the press or a coupling on the control tower. It is a question of seeing where we have the space and how we can introduce the journalists to the circuit.

🚶 People on the circuit

There are several types of people who can be represented on slot circuits. Below we will look at the most common ones.

👉 Press and photographers

Journalists and photographers decorate the circuit to a great extent, as you can place them wherever you want without them being out of tune.

They can be in the stands camouflaged among the rest of the public or placed in a good curve so that they do not lose any detail of the moment.

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👉 Spectators

And what is a race without an encouraging audience? There are many characters that can be used to decorate a slot circuit: men, women, children, grandparents, salesmen, etc.

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👉 Mechanics

A set of mechanics must be present in the pit area, each one to perform a task according to the tools with which they are characterized.

👉 Pit Lane Staff

As a complement to the mechanics, there are a number of characters in the pit lane that cannot be missed. They are the ones who warn the drivers of the missing laps with a blackboard, who tell them the times, etc.

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🎍 Decoration without limits

These are several examples of what we can put on a slot circuit, whether Scalextric or another brand, with the idea of making it as enjoyable and realistic as possible.

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