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The novelties of Scalextric circuits of 2021 in scale 1:32 and a kit to adapt your traditional circuit to Advance, enjoy them.

And they could not miss the 1:32 scale cars that Scalextric has launched on the market in the 2021-2022 season, don’t wait to add them to your great collection!

Although you may also be interested in these other older Scalextric circuits models that are quite good and extensive, with very attractive cars from the great rally and DTM drivers:

In this article, after researching numerous slot forums and asking experts in the field, we are going to talk about the best brands of cars and slot circuits that are currently on the new and second-hand market:


It is the best known and most famous slot brand in the world, its origin is in England and since the late 50s it arrived in Spain it has been the preferred Christmas gift in Spanish homes.

Here are the news for 2021 in terms of accessories that the brand has released:

Today there are numerous fans of this brand with extensive collections that started their hobby when they were little with their first Scalextric. It is marketed in two scales, 1:32 with the original Scalextric, the digital Scalextric and the WOS system, and 1:43 with the Scalextric Compact, which is the one usually bought for younger children. It goes without saying much more about this brand, as its fame precedes it.


It is a company from Spain that had its own manufacturing line with a high level of quality in 1:32. After a while without getting anything remarkable, they have started to market a line of cars among which the RX Tango or the Renault RS stand out among others.

Although there are a large number of items still on the market, new and second-hand, it is no longer sold as it used to be in all stores and department stores. Now, above all, they are online stores and on Ninco’s own website.

As a novelty, the company Fábrica de Juguetes that previously marketed SCX is now marketing the WRC circuits covered by the Ninco brand, bringing many circuits to the market, such as these:

✪ Flyslot

This brand is specialized in 1:32 scale cars and trucks. They distribute to the whole world and their slot cars are recognized for the quality and good details they have. They make special editions of their very famous cars and trucks such as the Renault 5 El Corte Inglés or the Lancia 037 Rally also for El Corte Inglés. These editions are very limited and exclusive.

These are some of the Flyslot brand cars that are currently marketed on Amazon, some of great quality in their details and offering very good performance on the track.

✪ Superslot

It is a brand created especially by Scalextric England to be able to market their cars in Spain without falling into problems with the licensee for Scalextric in Spain. Their tracks and circuits are usually cheaper than those of other brands such as Scalextric, Ninco or Carrera. It is an ideal gift for children since being cheaper they can start in the hobby without spending excessive.

In these two articles you can see the novelties that the Superslot brand has released in the 2019 and 2020 seasons. There are very interesting models that have aroused great interest in collectors.

✪ Carrera

It is one of the brands with the most presence in the Spanish market. Carrera is a brand that cares about releasing many new and original models every year, being an important moment for slot fans the moment of releasing the catalog corresponding to the current year. There are few models that are sold out as soon as they come out. Carrera brings quality cars of many different models and designs to the market, enjoying great realism and details in their reproductions.

✪ WRC ✪

This slot brand is one of the most recent, the result of an agreement between the FIA ​​World Rally Championship and the company Fábrica de Juguetes. Through this association, a series of cars and circuits belonging to the 1:43 scale world rally have been created, being ideal for those who are starting in the slot hobby or as gifts to children.

✅ Scalextric

The SCX brand is one of the pioneers in the worldwide expansion of the Slot. Its name comes from the union of the word “Scale X” (which means variable scale, since at the beginning the scale was not only 1:32) with “electric” (because cars moved and continue to move with electricity).

Brief history of the Scalextric brand

The Scalex were metallic cars prior to the Scalextric ones that were moved by a rope mechanism and were marketed in 1952 in England by Minimodels Ltd., a company that at the end of the 1950s launched Scalextric with great success, so much so that no can respond to such demand due to the artisanal process of creating its toys.

That’s when he sold the company to Lines Bros Ltd, which at that time worked as Tri-ang (which you will also see written as Triang). This brand had a subsidiary that created plastic materials called Rovex and served as a transition from metal cars to made with plastic molds as we know them today.

When the company Lines Bros Ltd. closes its subsidiary Rovex-Triang it sells it becoming Hornby Railways, a company famous for its model trains, tracks and accessories. This brand today continues to be one of the market leaders in its area.

The Scalextric brand in Spain

As Lines Bros Ltd. still owns the SCX patent, it formalized an agreement with the Spanish company Exin to market its products in Spain. At first, only tracks and transformers were manufactured, but over time all production was carried out in its entirety at the Exin factory in Barcelona.

These were the golden years of the brand in Spain, it was the star gift for many Christmases and many of these circuits are rescued today in very different conditions. In some cases they are lovingly preserved and in others they become part of the second-hand market.

Returning to the history of Scalextric in Spain, after the disappearance of the Exin company, which was also known for other products such as CinExin and Exin Castillos among others, the manufacturing rights of Scalextric in Spain passed in 1993 to the Tyco company and in 1998 to Tecnitoys.

In this time Tecnitoys the production was brought to China and many models of cars, circuits, accessories, spare parts, etc. were developed. The Scalextric Club was also reactivated, publishing a commemorative car every year.

Future of Scalextric in Spain

In 2012, due to the bankruptcy of Tecnitoys, the license passed to Fábrica de Juguetes, a company that marketed it until the beginning of 2017. Since then, the remaining stock has been sold and since the beginning of 2019 the company Scale Competition Xtreme S.L. has taken over the brand to relaunch it in Spain with many new features, the main one: Scalextric Advance.

Meanwhile in England, the brand that Scalextric sells is Hornby Hobbies, with a renewed catalog of cars and circuits every year, without forgetting the tracks and accessories.

✅ Ninco

One of the most relevant brands in the world of Slots in recent years in Spain, since it has a quality in the reproduction of cars equal to or even higher in some cases if we compare it with other leading brands in the market.

Ninco began in 1993 to manufacture slot cars, spare parts, drones, boats and an endless number of radio control items. His articles quickly gained the sympathy among fans and experts in each hobby we have mentioned, becoming a great competitor to other brands that had a long history.

Ninco and the world of Slot

Regarding our favorite hobby, collecting cars and slot tracks, we can say that the Ninco brand over the years has always offered a wide range of products, some of which can still be found brand new.

Some pieces today have acquired a great value in the market, both new and second-hand, as a result of the fact that the Ninco slot line stopped being manufactured a few years ago and any piece of this brand is currently revered by collectors.

Mainly you can get the following items in specialized slot and collectibles stores:

  • 🏎 Cars: Very famous models that are still marketed today such as the RX Tango, RX Linx, RX Nitrous, Slot car Police, Bullshot or Herzus. Its wide range of cars makes it one of the leading manufacturers today. The replicas of the Ninco Renault Clio are also highly valued and harder to find, always with the permission of their fellow grills, the Ninco Renault Megane also highly valued.
  • 🏎 Tracks: The specialized stores that sell the Ninco circuits today have several types that range from the most basic such as the Rally Stage or 4lanes, or the more complex slot circuits such as the Proam Plus Wico. They also have pieces to be able to assemble a Loop. One of the most used is the Racing Track Ninco circuit, all kinds of curves, straights, fences and walls. It is a fact that its tracks are of very good quality, which can be seen at the Ninco Megane Eurocup circuit, a great track with many accessories and two spectacular cars.
  • 🏎 Spare parts: The Ninco brand has always stood out for the wide and complete assortment of spare parts, among which we could name the different types of chassis, bodies, spare cockpit, plastic or aluminum rims for competition, decorative hubcaps, simulated brake discs, tires of various sizes, normal and competition bearings, magnets that help us stay on the track, tinned or copper braids, etc..
  • 🏎 Controls and transformers: Ninco has a series of controls according to what time of use. There are controls for those who are new to the slot hobby, also for fans who play frequently, for the more advanced and for competition, which are more difficult to find and should not be missed if you find a good offer.

Ninco on Amazon

Among other slot products, you can find Ninco products on Amazon, which is a page that has a large stock of this brand and where you can benefit from its seriousness in the processing of the order and its good delivery service.

In Amazon you will always find very good offers of slot material from all brands, including Ninco, so you will surely find cheap parts and cars of this brand as well as accessories, spare parts and circuits.

Even so, if you want to save when buying slot material, you can search the market for some second-hand parts, which are always for sale in forums or specialized resale stores. Sometimes there are cheaper parts that are harder to find in good condition and at a deeply discounted price. They are offers that cannot be missed.

Which is better, Ninco or Scalextric?

This is one of the main questions that slot fans ask themselves. Ninco or Scalextric? What is better? Do Ninco cars work on the SCX track? Are Scalextric cars compatible on Ninco tracks? The answer is yes, so if we buy a circuit from one brand it does not mean that we cannot use the cars of the other in it.

As for which one is better of the two, there is no correct answer, here every slot fan has his or her tastes. For SCX lovers it is difficult to change brands and that is why they criticize Ninco, since they consider it the best brand of radio controlled cars but not slot cars, arguing that it is on radio control, where the Ninco brand has focused its efforts. lately, putting aside the world of slot cars and circuits a bit.

In many forums and specialized magazines they say, and with good reason, that Ninco makes very good remote control cars for both water and land, but that they forget a bit about racing cars, despite having good opinions in that area.

Ninco vs Scalextric. Choose the best brand

But this battle Ninco vs Scalextric goes further, in the end they are two quality brands, with very good products, and there is no reason to discredit one brand to favor the other. Both make very good products and a good collector will surely have products from both brands in his collection.

It is true that the variety of Ninco is much smaller than that of Scalextric since this second has more history in time and is based on the historical base of the English brand, but using its cars or tracks does not detract from the playability and to be able to do some very cool circuits with which to enjoy with family or friends.

Both are valid to develop your hobby without being limited by its parts or spare parts. In fact, there are many spare parts used for cars of the other brand, such as tires, braids, etc. Also accessories such as Ninco fences can be put on Scalextric brand tracks without any problem.

It is true that everyone has their personal opinions, but no player or collector will be able to tell you that one brand is far above the other, at best that for little difference they choose one of them but also like the other.

Among its variety of references in the market, Ninco also has Raid tracks, and you can find its pieces in almost all the cities of Spain, in shops such as Carrefour, El Corte Inglés and specialized model and modeling stores, mainly in the latter since Ninco in recent years is not distributed as massively as before.

With Ninco you can set up cheap circuits with Loop Volt.

Educa Borrás acquires Ninco in 2018

In September 2018, the Educa Borrás brand, owner among others of Fábrica de Juguetes, acquired the entire shareholding of the Ninco brand.

It is not yet known whether it will continue the slot line with the launch of new models and circuits, but according to the first rumors, Educa Borrás expects to invoice more than 40 million euros with Ninco and diversify its range of products and brands.

✅ Flyslot

FlySlot has its origins in the former Fly Car Model company founded in 1994 by former Spanish driver Rafael Barrios, who at the time went on to win the Spanish Championship.

In 2004 Fly Car Model sold 300,000 units of slot cars and trucks annually with a turnover of close to 10 million euros.

In addition to good reproductions of scale racing cars, one of the secrets to the success of the Fly Car Model was a system of using a magnet that gave more adherence to the cars and made them less off the track.

Fly also specialized in racing slot trucks, being able to sell an average of 50,000 units of each model released. They are characterized by their good finishes and by having earned the respect of collectors and fans of the slot world competition.

The Flyslot brand has released in recent years several special runs of slot cars with exclusive sale in El Corte Inglés, as well as some trucks. Examples can be The Renault 5 or the Lancia 037 Rally.

Models marketed in 2018 by Flyslot

In 2018 some of the models that the Flyslot brand will commercialize are:

  • Porsche 911T, Bjorn Waldegaard, Rally Sweden 1968 Winner (FS-036108)
  • Brabham BT44, Eppie Wietzes, Canada GP 1974 (FS-062105)
  • Brabham BT44, Teddy Pilette, Belgian GP 1974 (FS-062106)
  • Buggyra Mk08, Ellen Lohr, Go Pink! Cancer Edition (FS-205104)
  • Buggyra Mk08, Iurii Egorov, Red Ice Team (FS-205105)
  • Renault Truck Racing, M.Bosinger, (FS-206101)

Fly Car Model returns

In 2018, the mythical Fly Car Model brand born in 1996 returned to the market with cars such as the Hesketh 308 or the Lancia 037 Rally Safari.

The dates on which these new Fly Car Model will be launched are not yet known but what is certain that all slot fans will be attentive.

✅ Superslot

At present, Hornby is the owner of the Scalextric brand and markets it under the original brand name throughout the world except in Spain, which, due to licensing issues, cannot use the SCX brand. In fact, there is a court ruling that prevents you from making any reference to the word “Scalextric” on your products.

To do this, it uses the Superslot brand, with the same models as in England but with a different packaging and always using the Superslot and Hornby brand names on its models.

They are affordable models in prices, sometimes very cheap with the offers that exist. They are easy to find in hobby shops and department stores like El Corte Inglés or Toysrus. In addition, they come with a replacement braid in the bottom of the box which is good since it is difficult to find a place that sells something so specific.

The Superslot brand slot cars have a great level of detail, are made of plastic and their mechanics are good for fans, without being used regularly in competition.

✅ Carrera

The origin of the Carrera slot brand

The Carrera brand is a world leader in the hobby of slot cars and racing. This brand emerged in Germany in the early 1960s, when it was created by Josef Neuhierl.

The origin of its name is in the Porsche Carrera, which in turn took that name from the road known as Carrera Panamericana.

In its beginnings, the Carrera brand largely dominated the German market, between the 60s and 70s, thanks to a good distribution in the country and a good staging at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair.

In the 70s, the slot brand Carrera manufactured in scales of 1:24, 1:32 and 1:60. It was a brand that innovated and investigated new possibilities for improvement to compete with others such as Scalextric. This investment in improvements and the decline in customers led Josef Neuhierl to sell the company in 1985.

Resurgence of the Carrera slot brand

In order for the brand to become competitive again, the new owners began to sell quite cheap slot cars and circuits, as well as numerous accessories.

Creation of the Carrera Exclusiv line

In 1999, the Stadlbauer Group of Salzburg, Austria, acquired and restructured the company, relaunching the “Carrera 1:24” line as a larger scale product range called “Carrera Exclusiv”.

Race GO !!! 1:43 scale slot

Later, in 2001, Carrera was launched on the 1:43 scale market by putting on the market the racing circuits called “Carrera Go!”, Aimed at beginners and youngsters.

Currently, Carrera is a slot brand that works on innovation and makes very good quality products.

Carrera Evolution, the 1:32 of Carrera

Within the range of slot products, the usual scale is also important, 1:32, marketed under the “Carrera Evolution” line, to which it incorporated Digital 132 technology.

This digital Carrera circuit allows a maximum of six vehicles to compete at the same time and outperform each other at high speeds, pure competition.

Currently Carrera offers a large number of offers for cars and slot circuits under authentic licenses. Some examples are Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Bentley, and NASCAR.

There are also other types of Carrera brand slot circuits characterized by movies such as the Cars circuit, the Transformers circuit, the Super Mario circuit, etc.

Carrera, the world’s leading slot brand

On January 1, 2005 the company opened its own subsidiary in the United States, “Carrera of America Inc”, in addition to its subsidiaries in France (since 2006) and in Poland and Hungary.

Today, the Carrera slot brand is available in more than forty countries around the world.

✅ WRC racing circuits

The WRC slot brand, of the World Rally Championship, is a recent creation in the market, the result of the license agreement between the FIA ​​World Rally Championship and the Spanish Toy Factory.

This agreement in 2018 has led to the launch of new circuits such as the Nitro Speed, Extreme Land Rally, Radical Jumping Rally and the Ice Rally Cup.

All are in 1:43 scale and are presented as an alternative to more established brands in the market that work that scale. The slot circuits of the WRC brand are cheaper than those of the Scalextric Compact or the Carrera Go !!!, without neglecting the quality of production and the variety.

If what you are looking for is a good circuit at a good price to get started in the world of Scalextric, you can look at offers from the best-known brands or opt for WRC which is cheaper, perfect to get started in this hobby.

The WRC racing circuits of Fábrica de Juguetes, a former SCX licensee in Spain, presents itself as a brand that, on the one hand, takes advantage of the manufacturer’s knowledge of the subject, and on the other it serves the WRC as a tool for promoting the World Rally Championship and attracting the youngest public. The WRC “Scalextric” circuits can be combined with each other and are characterized according to the type of Rally they represent:

WRC Ice Rally Cup 

It is a track with a snow effect, with undulating sections that make the player feel the possibility of living the experience of driving during a winter rally. This circuit includes a bridge to give more excitement to the track.

WRC Extreme Land Rally

This racing circuit comes with a gravel effect and brings a spiral curve that gives more excitement to the game, adding difficulty to the driving with this fun section. This WRC circuit is very well priced because it also includes a bridge and several jump platforms to experience the excitement of the rally at home.

WRC Nitro Speed

It is a track in the shape of a rectangle with a great looping on one of its straights. It is ideal for those who want to live the experience of driving their slot cars in faster races where less technique is required to drive. It is a good gift for children, if there is an offer you should not miss it.

WRC Radical Jumping Rally

The best of all, the most complete circuit with many characteristics that give it particularity. It includes a looping for each driver, one of the famous super-steep curves to put the car to the maximum, it also comes with a bridge and a lap counter to know who is winning the race, and also, as if that were not enough, it brings lane crossing tracks and chicanes to narrow the rails. Its price is higher than the rest but it is worth it since it is one of the most fun slot racing tracks on the market.


The slot car brand and also 1:32 scale components is the first worldwide in recognition by fans of the quality of its parts and accessories, both at the user level and in competition.

Their slot car models are very popular and reproduce cars that were very important in endurance racing in the 80s as well as GT slot models with a good level of finish and details.

Currently the brand is making and marketing replicas of classic models, expanding its references with the best competition cars from brands such as Ferrari, Jaguar, Lancia, Porsche, Mercedes and Nissan.

Its line of spare parts is highly valued and is usually used both to prepare competition cars with a base and to complete creations of the users themselves in 3D, since its components are highly valued and fit together perfectly thanks to its high compatibility.

The engines are also of high quality, proof of this is that they are used in addition to their vehicles in others from various manufacturers such as Racer Slot Cars in their Sideways line.

In addition to its quality, the universality of its spare parts and accessories make the brand one of the first options for all fans, since they are not difficult to find in hobby stores or on internet sites such as Amazon.

✅ Racer Slot Cars

With great acceptance and recognition by the public we find the slot cars of the Sideways brand, which enjoy great realism and detail in their reproductions.

The founders of the brand were Fabrizio Mella and Marco Montrasio, who from 2001 to 2013 became one of the best resin slot car manufacturers.

Their prices were somewhat high and they decided to open two new lines of work in the world of slot cars. One was known as the Racer Silverline and the other was called the Racer Sideways.

Racer Sideways

The history of the slot car brand Sideways has its origin in the creation of a new line of products from the Italian manufacturer of resins in 1:32 scale, Racer Slot Cars.

This line included models created in plastic, which allowed greater runs while lowering costs, receiving the mechanical support of, which gave them great reliability on the track and made them competitive in terms of times.

If what we want is a good price for a quality slot car, Sideways is very similar to and its mechanical compatibility means that these cars can be easily customized for competition, where the Ford Capri is one of the benchmarks.

Among the most outstanding models of the slot brand Racer Sideways are in 1:32 scale the following reproductions of cars, all of them relevant in the world of motorsport and with a great history about their chassis.

These models are, among others, the following: Ford Capri, Lancia Beta, BMW M1, Lancia Stratos Turbo, Porsche 935, Ford Mustang, etc.

Racer Silverline

The Silverline line of Racer Slot Cars was born from the need to make quality resin slot models but at lower prices without neglecting any detail.

In this way, it was possible to cover market niches that were not reached with the brand’s products without lowering the level of detail of their reproductions.

✅ Racer Car Models

In 2018, after years without new Racer Slot Cars models, one of its partners, Fabrizio Mella, has launched a new brand of slot cars called Racer Car Models, maintaining the quality in design and decoration to which it has us. accustomed Racer Slot Cars, without forgetting the mechanical aspects.

The aesthetics of the new brand is very similar to the old Silverline line of Racer Slot Cars, with good quality resins. The first slot car model that Racer Car Models has launched on the market is the Ford Capri RS2600.

This new model has a resin bodywork and has a 22,000 rpm engine and aluminum wheels. The model he represents is that of the Ford Motor Company Deutschland team that contested the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1972 with the pilots Jochen Mass and Hans Joachim Stuck.

✅ Slot Racing Company (SRC)

The Slot Racing Company brand, known by its acronym SRC, is a Spanish company that since 2012 manufactures and distributes 1:32 scale slot cars worldwide. It is known among collectors and slot car fans for the high quality and detail of its reproductions as well as for the beauty of the models it sells.

The SRC brand generally runs 1020 units of each slot car model, thus endowing its products with exclusivity, making them unique and unrepeatable. In addition, it also sells parts of these models in case any repair is necessary, both aesthetic and mechanical.

Among the models marketed by SRC we could highlight the following: McLaren M23, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2, Lola T600, Ford Capri, Porsche 914/6, Porsche 907L, Renault RS10, etc.

Alliance with Original Slot Cars (OSC)

In 2015 SRC entered the world of competition by partnering with the slot car company specializing in competition mechanics called Original Slot Cars, also known by its acronym OSC. In this way, in addition to the good finishes of its products, the track performance of its models was enhanced.

SRC brand slot cars are manufactured in its factory in Castalla, in Alicante, betting from the beginning on the design and manufacture of its own models. SRC models are sold in specialized stores in many countries, being today a company highly valued for its quality.

SRC Chrono competition line

In 2016 SRC added the Chrono series to its product catalog, creating minibolides specifically intended for competition with OSC mechanics and technology.

The following models stand out in this new series: McLaren Ford M23, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo1, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2, Ford Capri 2600 LW, etc.

✅ Scaleauto

The Scaleauto brand sells slot cars and has a wide catalog of accessories and spare parts for competition, focused on 1:32 and 1:24 scales.

With the Scaleauto brand items, slot fans can prepare their competition cars to offer the best performance on the track.

Among the Scaleauto accessories and spare parts, its motors, magnets, wheels (which are made of foam and rubber), axles, sprockets, aluminum rims, guides, screws, etc. stand out.

Scaleauto brand slot cars are very competitive on the track and also have high compatibility with other products on the market with similar benefits.

Scaleauto 1:32 scale cars

Among its commercial models at present we could highlight the following in 1:32 scale: Porsche 959 Martini, MG Metro 6R4 Rally Canarias 1991, MG Metro 6R4 RAC Rally 1986, DeTomaso Pantera Gr. 3 tour Auto 1973, Subaru Impreza WRC Api Rally Lana 2001, Peugeot 205 Grand Raid 1987, Subaru WRC Rally Kenya 2000, Peugeot 405 Grand Raid Dakar 1988, HSV Super GT, Mercedes SLS GT3, BMW Z4 GT3, M1 Gr.5 Le Mans, C8 Spider Gt2R, etc.

Scaleauto 1:24 scale cars

At 1:24 scale we will highlight the following slot car models well recognized by fans of this hobby: Porsche 911 RSR, Porsche 911 GT3, BMW M3, BMWZ4, XKR GT2, SLS AMG GT3, LMS GT3, SRT Viper, etc.

Scaleauto engines from 18,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm

As for engines, we could name the Scaleauto SC-27 at 18,000 rpm; at 20,000 rpm the SC-08 and SC-11, at 21,500 the SC-25 Sprinter; In 22,000 the SC-26; at 25,000 rpm the SC-09 and SC-12; and at 30,000 rpm the SC-19, SC-13, SC-16, SC-19.

✅ Fast Lane, the Toysrus brand

The brand of slot tracks Fast Lane is an exclusive brand of Toysrus stores and they present several circuits in 1:43 scale.

Compared to Scalextric Compact or Carrera Go !!! The price of the Fast Lane is much cheaper even without being on sale.

The types of cars that these circuits bring do not have the finishes of the best brands on the market but to start the little ones in the slot hobby it is enough.

Among the models that we can find in the Fast Lane boxes there are Formula 1 and GT cars, the Mercedes Benz and the Nissan GTR being the most notable.

If you are looking for a cheap Scalextric or a low cost alternative, Fast Lane is undoubtedly one of the best options.

✅ Others slot brands

  • ArrowSlot
  • Mitoos
  • MB Slot
  • MSC
  • NSR
  • Parma
  • Policar
  • Professor Motor
  • Racing Light Coch Pit
  • Scaleauto
  • Slotwings
  • Reprotec
  • Sloting Plus
  • Speedlight
  • Tamiya

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